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Listen to G.A.T.'s hot track "On my team" featuring GatorClick this banner to listen on YouTube, then go buy it in iTunes!

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G.A.T. what you Been Doing SNEAK PREVIEW!G.A.T. drops in to Baby Boy Studios to record his latest track.

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Killa Mike shouting out G.A.T.Me and my dawg KILLA MIKE in the studio going HAM BISCUIT! Look out for me and his RECORD coming SOON!

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G.A.T. @ Grand Hustle Studios with 32 & Calico JonezMY CLIQUE! #SWISHGANG @CALICOJONEZ CEO of #SWISHGANG SOULJA BOY's new ARTIST on SODMG/PTE and 32 Manager of CALICO/SODMG A&R recording "SWISH GANG NIGGA" on my new mixtape #SWISH!!!!!


Get to know G.A.T.

If you ain't heard of G.A.T. you better catch up! Born in the small town of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, G.A.T. has the drive of a man that has had to fight for everything that he has and does not take any opportunity for granted.

At the age of 12, G.A.T. learned about making music when his older brother gave him an eight-track cassette recorder. Once he mastered that, his brother bought him more equipment. G.A.T. began rapping over video game instrumentals and karaoke machines, and started to compete in local rap battles. Over the years, he has honed his skills and become a lyrical force.

2010 sees the release of G.A.T.'s Who Should I Sign Wit? mixtape, which you can order from this site. Make sure you check out the boxes below to sign up for G.A.T.'s mailing list, follow him on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, while also checking out his music and videos around this site.

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